Deborah Sutcliff MD
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Deborah A. Sutcliffe, MD
Modern Medicine, Old Fashioned Caring

   Direct Primary Care (DPC):

            As a Doctor, I take my work very personally, and seriously- I care deeply about each of my patients. I worry about you at night, and on weekends, and yes, on vacation. I believe this personal trusting relationship allows me to provide better care to you and I treasure the unique opportunities for connection and healing that being a family doctor creates: holding your newborn in the nursery, exploring your fears, detangling the odd symptoms, and simply being there when you need me, including at the end of life.

           I believe I have found a much better way, one that returns the emphasis and focus to the patient – doctor relationship (which I have always held is the most important thing in healing!) without bureaucratic interference. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new model that removes third party intrusions by replacing the costly and complex billing system with a low membership fee, just like the gym. This allows the focus to shift from billing and finance to what really matters to everyone- time together with your doctor, easy access to your doctor, and the quality of personal care you have come to expect from me. This is a revolutionary idea in today’s healthcare world, but I have always been rather a rebel which is why I have been in solo practice, against all odds, for the last 18 years!

Dr Sutcliffe